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At Biomimicry Academy you learn how to learn from nature, and how to apply these learnings in the context of product or service development, business or social entrepreneurship, organisational or personal change.

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Education, project-based training and career service combined

Your journey starts here: By learning the essentials online in 3 modules created by some of the leading Biomimicry and business experts in Europe. After that you can decide for the professional training programme to become a fully certified Biomimicry Practitioner by joining our selected cohorts in practical project-based learning sessions. From the Biomimicry Academy, you will graduate as a Biomimicry Practitioner into a global community of change makers; and be future-fit to co-evolve and even thrive in an ever-changing environment. Biomimicry Academy will not only positively impact your perspective on business and career, it might change your life forever.

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Science, systems, community, economy - get an all-round education for responsible innovation and meaningful business.


With entire industries witnessing disruptive change on global markets, dramatic paradigm shifts in user behavior, anthropogenic changes on a global scale, new thinking and the adoption and implementation of new technologies and best practices are imperative. Accordingly, sustainable, systemic solutions gain increasing importance and doers from all disciplines look to biological design principles to solve human problems
Bioinspired innovation at Biomimicry Academy


Circularity is one of the core concepts of natural systems. Circular Economy, Circular Design or Cradle-to-Cradle® encompass this prerequisite. Integrating the Biomimicry Thinking process and these other frameworks yields a powerful solution-oriented design methodology. While this process is underpinned by biology, ecology, and system thinking, there are two additonal aspects needed to innovate viable products and services: Human-centred design approaches and business modelling. Human-centred design includes contextual (user-based, market-driven) research of the problem situation and directly aligns with the first phase of the Biomimicry Thinking process and offers a variety of collaborative innovation mehtods that are used throughout all phases of the Biomimicry Thinking process.
Bioinspired innovation at Biomimicry Academy


In the Anthropocene, the age of human dominance on the global interdependencies, we need to address pressing challenges to human and non-human life alike. Those challenges involve global trends and enablers, such as technology, and have social implications. Change makers need to adopt a Hybrid Thinking, if humanity wants to create a better life for all beings on this planet. Both, cutting edge digital and hardware tools and social aspects like connectivity, values and equality are essential, if we want to initiate lasting change. In the programme, we use the mindset and tools of Systems Thinking to balance pros and cons of enablers and consequences. We will look into technical bionics as well as interactions of stakeholders. The success of every project, Human-Centred, bioinspired, technological, engineering or cultural depends on how these aspects integrate with one another. These interdependencies have been acknoledged by the UN Sustainability Goals from 2015; and they are at the core of the design criteria of Biomimicry, we use as guiding stars in the training.
Bioinspired innovation at Biomimicry Academy

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Are you a student, belong to a disadvantaged group or live in a low-income country?

Get your training for a reduced price by providing proof you are a student or belong to a low-income group. And because not everyone earns the same, we started the Philanthropy Programme. You pay for the Biomimicry Training according to the payment standard of your country.

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